turning bad habits into good ones

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Turning Bad Habits into Good Ones

As the majority of people suffer from bad habits, very rare of us can break the bad habits for good, even when we know the effects on us causes the disadvantages overweigh the advantages. According to Carlin Foral, the survey she did on rats showed that “a small part of the brain holds veto power over what seems to be automatic pattern” (“Break a Bad Habit”). Only “a small part of the brain” forbids the capability of resisting a reflex action. Rather than breaking bad habits, we should turn them into good habits.

For one thing, turning or transforming bad habits into good ones does not involve breaking them, which means less suffering through the painful process. Take drinking alcohol for example, if you have no resistance over alcohol drinking, you are an alcoholic, it’s not only your image but your health is in hazards. However, if you take this weakness into wine tasting, the improvement in faculty of memory for you will massively progressed, more and above, the beneficial to your health. The best thing among all the profits, you can still drink alcohol, doing what you like, without quitting.

In addition, snacking non-stop and over eating is another bad habit hard to kick for almost everyone. To illustrate, when watching movies, everyone has a bucket full of popcorn, and so on. Substitution is a solution to this defect. Replace popcorn by your favorite fruits or vegetables. You still have things to stuff your mouth for easing the nerves from the movies or TV shows, and still you eat healthy. Turning bad habits into good ones doesn’t necessarily have to quit doing stuff that is already an automatic pattern for you.

Last but not least, smoking, the worst habit to quit of all, for you are addicted to the cigarette. From my point of view, smoking is the hardest yet the most important bad habit to kick. Take my father for example, he was a heavy smoker and asking to quit smoking is like asking him to give up the rest of...
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