traditional vs online college outline

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Thesis Statement and Outline

Attending college traditionally on site or online consist of one main goal; to obtain a college degree.

With the advancement of technology, students now have different settings to choose from, when it comes to obtaining a college degree. The two most popular types of colleges are; traditional college in a real classroom and college online involving a computer with internet access. The most important thing about the two is finding one that will fit a student's lifestyle.

I.A students learning style is one way of choosing whether college on campus or online will work for him or her. A.Students online do not get face to face interaction with peers or teachers as with traditional class setting. When interacting online it is important to remain professional, and make sure your message is understood correctly. 1.Communication is done via messages in forums.

2.Punctuation and grammar are key parts to interaction online.
3. Assignments are submitted electronically.
B. Traditional learning involves physically going to class on a set schedule. The instructor on campus gives a lecture that involves students taking notes as he, or she speaks. 1.Commuting to and from class.

2.Missing class involves missing a lecture, and trying to get notes from peers. 3. Class cancelations and holidays.
II.There is an attendance policy for both of these college experiences, but each one is different. A. Online college attendance policy involves interacting through messages a set amount of post so many times a week

B.Traditional courses policy requires one to show up on time and stay for the whole class to earn full attendance III.Cost is another factor when choosing an education, whether it be online or on campus. Students can get financial aid in loans and grants for both types of schooling. A.Online courses can usually cost less.

1.No books to purchase
2. Does not involve a commute to class
3 Students...
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