traditional vs modern architecture

Topics: Modernism, Architecture, Modern art Pages: 2 (367 words) Published: November 24, 2013
Cohort 2010 - 14
Academic Year 2013 – 14
Date: 9 0CT 2013
Module: Research Paper

1. I want to study /investigate -
Does the use of Traditional Styles in Contemporary Architecture still prevails or has modernism widely influenced contemporary architects? *NOTE:- As this is an argument concerning the whole world, so to narrow it down I can take a specific place like Delhi and can subdivide it into a specific part of Delhi like South Delhi which has already modernized as compared to west or north Delhi. Moreover, I can narrow it further by just taking the cases of residences in south Delhi rather than taking it as a whole which includes residences, commercial buildings, retail showrooms, hospitals etc.but this again will limit me to a very less research.

2. Because –
Contemporary architects have a wide variety of sources to gain inspiration from, but this has not always been the case. Modernism has widely effected peoples’ thinking and inspirations now. Modernist designers, in an obsession of moving forward, are always looking to enhance their ideals with new materials.If I take the case of south delhi,modernism prevails the maximum in this part of delhi as compared to west,east or north delhi and so has the the thinking,mentality and views of people has changed living in south delhi.Thus,I can research about the south delhi architects about what are there thinking while designing a plave very contemporary or modern these days and can even interview some clients and can share their views too.

3. In order to –
Find how did modernism effect sources of inspiration? What did post-modernism do to liberate the choices of influences? Now that Contemporary architects have the freedom of choice, how are they using “traditional” styles and materials to inspire them? Even after modernism why are traditional...
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