Traditional vs Modern Architecture

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Can modern architecture and traditional architecture concur? Nowadays, traditional ways of performing tasks are fading and very few parts of it still exists, now all types of machinery with the help of technology have been invented to make work easier for human beings. (7Ranchise 2011) Architecture has been divided into many categories to fit our life styles in a particular time at a particular place. (7Ranchise 2011) The main two well-known ways of recognising these are: Modern Architecture and Traditional architecture. Modern architecture is known as the movement of architecture that started in the 20th century, it's also architecture that is characterised by the simplification of subtraction of ornaments, forms. Modern architecture can be some of the most colourful, innovative and futuristic designs ever. (7Ranchise 2011) Modern architecture today can be applied by using so many different type of materials that architects choose to create different effects on buildings. (7Ranchise 2011) on the other hand, traditional architecture is mainly categorised as historical buildings that have a lot of cultural and character included into them and artists were commissioned to put some colour into the building giving each one of an individual effect. But, the question is can modern and traditional architecture coexist? In today's world anything seems possible, an example to support that could be instead of painting beautiful designs on the wall, Wall papers could be used instead as they are easily applied and can easily replaced or removed at anytime. (7Ranchise 2011) The thin line between traditional architecture and modern architecture is that modern architecture explores mainly with the interior features whereas traditional architecture mainly focuses on the exterior features. (7Ranchise 2011) Just as every living organism advances from specie to specie, similarly architecture has developed over the years from traditional architecture to modern architecture Modern architecture utters its use and does not use superfluous aesthetic elements on its form or ornament. Instead, every space and element in modern architecture is stark, only providing spatial characteristics and furnishings that will afford a space's purpose. (7Ranchise 2011)Most modern architecture used a limited colour palate, including white, shades of grey and black. Moreover, functional architectural elements such as, stairs, windows and doors are highlighted with severe details to grab the attention of element's purpose. (7Ranchise 2011)

Movement and circulation are very important in modern architecture. In fact, many describe modernism in terms of purpose and motion. (7Ranchise 2011) Because modern architecture is meant to help it's user, inhabitant, corridors, ductwork and plumbing are featured and are usually more than abundant for the building's purpose. (7Ranchise 2011)Once again, circulation is part of a building's function, so modern architects try to grab attention to those elements. I Personally, I admire modern architecture. I find inspiration and pleasure in pieces that represent the modernism of their creation. I am interested in the way situation, technology and ideas shaped the buildings of various times. However, I am less interested in modern copies of older architecture work. I find the imitation of older forms, no matter how successful they are, to be somehow boring. For example, I like the poetry of Wordsworth, but I would be completely turned off by a modern poet who writes in that style. Some people simply don’t like modern architecture. The same thing also goes for modern poetry, music, art, and theater. There will always be a part of the society that prefers the old rather than the new, that believes the best art has already been accomplished. But, there will also always be a reliant that revels in innovation that is accepting by the change. This is a difference of opinions. If we compare cars to buildings we will find that the sleeker...

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