Traditional School vs. Online School

Topics: University, Education, Higher education Pages: 1 (312 words) Published: February 23, 2013
lModern technology has made gaining education beyond high school easier. While most people in the past had gained his or her education in a traditional classroom today there is another option; online learning. The Internet has paved the way for business, shopping, socializing, and now education. Online education began with only a few schools to choose from. Since online education is quickly becoming the preferred method for further learning nearly all colleges are offering an online curriculum. Online learning is convenient which means that people who once had obstacles attending school now have an opportunity to continue his or her education. Students may question whether or not an online education is as valuable as a degree earned from a traditional college campus. The answer to this question could be as simple as it would be the individual’s personal preference. Gaining an online degree holds as much merit as a degree received from a traditional college because both systems require accreditation, maintain academic standards, and offer the essential interaction between students and instructors. Online education is quickly becoming the preferred method for higher education. There are many reasons for this increase; convenience ranks among the biggest. Having the ability to attend class from home or any other chosen location is an advantage when compared to the traditional classroom. A student that does not have his or her own transportation no longer faces the obstacle of finding a way to the campus or if a single parent with children needed daycare. Will no longer be an issue, either. This is also an economically beneficial option because the expense of owning a vehicle or paying childcare is eliminated for the student. Another reason a student may prefer the online environment is the added benefit of attending class from any state or even out of the country. Military personnel are able to continue their education...
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