Tovuz-Baltiya Ltd

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Wine Pages: 4 (1023 words) Published: September 26, 2010
According to my assignment I will discuss and investigate a product from any country of my choice to sell in the UK, identifying its advantages and disadvanteges of this product using direct response marketing and also I will describe the total product offering my propose to offer , starting its benefits and advantages. According to my assingment I will also describe with my reason direct response methods that I could consider. The product of my choice is “Azernar “ wine from Azerbaijan. TOVUZ- BALTIYA is the major producer of wine in Azerbaijan since 1980.This is because of it’s strategic location in TOVUZ .Which is the 2nd location in the world to have the perfect element to grow the best grapes and pomegranate for the wine production. They are the only one to produce a high quality pomegranate wine in Azerbaijan. Now the company is facing the competition from Russian , Georgian and European wine. Naig’s Co “Tovuz-Baltiya” LTD produces various natural wine and cognac products: Wine collection: “Tovuz & A” ,“AzerNar”, “Tovuz & F”, “Tovuz V.С”. Azernar is 100% non-polluting high-quality pomegranate wine from an exotic fruit pomegranate, which growing only in territory of Azerbaijan . Therefore our USP will be the health benefit of our AZERNAR Pomegranate wine. The wine is made of 150 % pure and natural pomegranate. And pomegranate is know to be rich in vitamins A,B,C ,iron, cilium and antiorydouts. It has 3 times more antiorydants than grape wine.The weaknesses of Azernar in UK market are Azerbaijan’s wine do not have any references in the UK wine market ,the brand will face a strong competition from the major Uk wine players and it is rather a new wine flavour that wine consumers are just discovering. According to research conducted by University of California pomegranate consume daily over long period time . As UK has a very high alcohol consumption , it will be a great opportunities for the UK wine consumer enjoy alcohol responsibly and get...
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