Think Before You Drink

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Drunk driving, Blood alcohol content Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Barbara Thomas
English 91- 00110
Baker College
Essay #2

Drunk drivers kill so many people every day. I choose this title Think Before You Drink, because of a personal experience. In 2007 I was involved in an accident from the result of my choice too drink and drive. Many of us get in our cars to drive every day not thinking about an accident. But the truth of the matter is more than 5 million people are involved in car accidents that involved a drunk driver. As cited in (United States Drunk Driving Car Accident Statistics 2008), 3 people will be a part of an accident in their life time. 32% of deaths in car accidents are caused by someone who was driving impaired.

According to the N.H.T.S.A. also known as the National Highway Traffic Statistics Administration, there were 11,773 drunken driving deaths in the year of 2008.2008 showed a 9.7percent decrease in drunk driving deaths from 2007. On average one person died every 48 minutes in 2009 due to an impaired driver. In 2009 all 50 states made it illegal to drive with a B.A.C. which is blood alcohol content of .08.On New Year’s Day alone 468 people were killed in a car crash. Alcohol contributed to 40 percent of the deaths of those that killed the blood alcohol levels was higher than .08percent.Of the 10,389 people who died in an alcohol related accident 7,281 sixty seven percent were men who had a blood alcohol content of .01and 25 percent had a blood alcohol level of.08 or better.

On May 27 2007, my entire life changed completely, so did my thoughts about driving while under the influence of alcohol. The truck I was driving rolled over five time ejecting each passenger out the vehicle. When my family received the call about the accident they didn’t except see such a horrific site. Leaving each of use in critical condition , two of us where flown to the University Of Michigan Hospital, while the others were taken to nearby hospitals. Driving intoxicated impaired my...
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