Topics: University, Postgraduate education, Kenya Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Since 2000 the thrust for a post-graduate degree in Kenya and grown in reaps and bounds. One programme that has been very popular is the MBA programme. Many Kenyans are currently pursuing this programme in different Kenyan universities. Different universities in Kenya have designed this programme in different ways and modes. Each year students enroll in MBA programmes using different mo des. It is in this light that this study is designed to investigate the factors influencing student's choice of an MBA programmes in Kenya. The objectives of this study included: To find out institution's reputation influence on students' choice of the MBA programme; to establish programme structure influence on students' choice of the MBA programme; to determine facilities influence on students' choice of the MBA programme; to establish personal/demographic factors influence on students' choice of the MBA programme.

The study took a descriptive study research design and the main data collection procedure was by semi-structured questionnaire. Primary data was collected using semi-structured questionnaires. The sampling frame was drawn from students enrolle d for the MBA programme. The questionnaires were dropped and picked later. The response rate was ninety five percent. Data was analyzed by use of descriptive statistics where tables, mean score, percentages and standard deviation were generated and interpretation done.

The study found out that personal factors have the greatest level of influence for the choice of the MBA degree. Students make a choice of an MBA degree because the ongoing career require further qualifications and to enhance career prospect s. This was followed by the institutional reputation. The institutional reputation was influenced by the level of qualification of lecturers, enrolment procedures and MBA degree recognition internationally. In the facilities influence, MBA students preferred universities where classes were conducted during the day and...
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