There Is Nothing That Young People Can Teach Older People

Topics: Technology, Youth, Old age Pages: 8 (2758 words) Published: October 12, 2012
TOEFL® essay: There is nothing that young people can teach older people

Needless to say, we have to respect and obey older people, partly because they have more experience and knowledge than us, so what they say is almost true. However, that doesn't mean they know everything and young people have nothing to teach them. In the following part of the essay, I will support the idea that there are some things we know but they haven't known and they can learn from us. Young people can teach the elderly anything they may learn through means of mass communication. The statement which is "there is nothing that young people can teach older people" might be true at a certain period of time. Long time ago, when science and technology didn't develop yet, young people learned only through books which were already read by most older people and through the older's experience. So it is obvious that the younger have nothing to teach the elderly. That's why the statement was arised. Nowadays, however, things have changed. With the development of technology, young people can learn from many means of communication such as television, radio and so on. Even a child can know that Sweden's capital is Stockholm which many adults do not know. So there is no reason why the sentence is still correct today. In addition, children have more time to study than adults, so they can gain more new information than adults. Because the adults have to go to work, they have little time studying new things, especially new technologies and searching for new information. A child, in contrast, they can spend his or her whole time studying. He or she can read science books, watch "discovery channel" on TV in many hours without any concern about their work. Briefly, adults do not have as much time as children to learn new things. This is one of the advantages of children in learning. For instance, that day, I told my mother about the riot in Iraq I saw on TV that morning which she didn't know while being occupied with her work. Moreover, young people are stronger than the elderly, so they can learn better. Young people have sharp brains, they are creative, they can learn and do things with all their enthusiam. On the contrary, the elderly are old and weak, there are some things they have to follow the younger. Unfortunately, in Vietnam, youths are still looked down in some companies and offices. Some managers or leaders, the older ones, want to appoint who have worked for them quite long to important positions. They think younger staffs can do nothing regardless of how talent these staffs are. At present, young people are performing very well and achieve many successes, especially in computer such as new computer programs. Finally, children have the special abilty to learn foreign language and they can help older people. For example, my sister used to teach my grandparent english. I sometimes have to ask her about english and she help me a lot in listening. In conclusion, with the development of technology, knowledge is open to everyone, and older people also have to learn from the younger. Also, because younger people have more time and strength, they can gain more information than the older ones. Besides, children, especially from 4-12, can help older people in learning foreign language. The statement "there is nothing that young people can teach older people" isn't still true nowadays. However, as I mentioned, that statement might be true at a certain period of time, maybe one day in the future that statement is correct again.

At the outset, most of us may think that there is nothing much old people can learn from youngsters. However, an in depth{in-depth} analysis on[of] children's behavior and a keen observation on their daily habits reveal some startling truths, which are of immense help to elders in their daily lives. While most of us put down the cradle{I don't understand what "put down the cradle" means} when we face failures, children will never give up....
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