The World We Are Going to Live

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Strategic Leadership
The world we are going to live

By Masoud Noordeh

To analysis the effects of some fields of the subject on each other living in the future makes it possible to prevent from unwanted scenarios which may be harmful for our future life, I account for all the fields such as demography, food, natural environment, research, and etc as a sub-system of human life in which their combinations make a system. I chose five of them that, in my view point, are more important and will be discussing the rests that are related to them and also to each others.

Key words: Nat. environment; demography; food; security; technology INTRODUCTION
We are as a human beings living together in a big society and in a natural environment. With a keen sight to our Nat. Environment we see that our living depends on, which is intelligently designed benefaction for the human beings for sustaining life on the earth for generations after generations. So, we have to preserve and conserve this God gift. These human beings construct societies leading into the social demography with the dynamics of human population which including their size, structure, and transformations. This helps us to project and estimate the trends in the growth of the population with above mentioned categories. On the other hand, from the stand point of governments, there is an increasing desire to understand what makes a stable health for population, that is, more democratic, more ability to prepare the needs of its citizens, healthy people, and more peaceful society. For example, countries in which most of its girls attend high school and most of its women are working have better maternal and child health indicator as a result, its rate of fertility is lower. So, identifying relation between demographics and securities can brighten more effective strategies for global institutions and governments to work together to eliminate poverty and create more a stable world. On the other hand the food we provide should have all needed elements for body growth and for human needs to live more safety. Otherwise, they will face many health problems and malnutrition; therefore, resulting in different diseases. Coping with such problems in this field, research can help us to eradicate the diseases. Furthermore, we are living in the world with over population that is a big problem for human beings while our natural resources are limited. This population explosion also needs food to be survived; to do that research should be done to produce more food products within limited land. Since one of the first needs of human activity is preparing food which relates to the normal functioning of the body, if these needs (physical needs) are met, a significant portion of an individual's behavior is aimed at satisfying them (Cetro, 1980, p. 353). In addition, research is needed to conserve our natural environment from what the man has caused problems on such as global warming and water shortages. Furthermore, to cope with shortage of food, water, natural resources, and even conserving our natural environment we should apply modern technologies that in turn should be along with researches. In other words, to feed the population that is going to be changed rapidly into one nation, technology would be the best tool that can help the man to get rid of the problems will face with and a sustainable life conditions will be guaranteed. In an agricultural society, for example, many get their food from the land by farming, hunting, or fishing with low scale of yield in a hector. But with modern technology not only they will be able to produce more products from a hector, but also more products from limited land. As a case in points, we have to apply efficient farm machineries, fertilizer, and safety pesticides to increase agricultural products to feed our future population and destroy harmful insects in the farms. As an illustration, however, if we systematically describe...

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