The Waste Land - Eliot

Topics: Liberalism, Sociology, Modernism Pages: 4 (1211 words) Published: November 25, 2013
The Waste Land – Eliot
Possible Thesis: For Kafka and Eliot, the modern life is nothing but a shallowness of what was once before a pleasant society in which people were not superficial but rather alive.

I. The Burial of the Dead
Spring bad time of the year with bad moment for desires
The environment described is sad, dead trees, bad lands, etc “Dead tree gives no shelter, the cricket no relief, the dry stone no sound of water. A lady (Madame Sosostris) reads Marie’s cards and sees a crowd of people, walking round in a ring As he comes out he sees the London Bridge filled with walking dead people. Filled with ghost from the past All is based on the childhood of a woman (Marie)

Appears Stetson, a fallen friend from war, apparently is a reference of a son who died and she prepares her son’s body for burial. He mentions something to Stetson about the dead corpse hidden in his garden, a reference of regeneration and fertility Marie’s childhood recollections are painful, memories of her cousins replaced with ones of the War. “Nothingness”. Comparison of past and present

Third Chapter is about transformation: associated with fraud, vulgarity, and cheap mysticism. Death related to transformation

II. A Game of Chess
A boring description of a room and two woman playing chess
The mention of a painting of Philomel, which is a story about a girl who was raped by her husband’s sister then cuts her tongue so she can’t tell on him. She manage to tell her sister so they iced Tereus (The Raper) son, she then escapes as a nightingale. (Therefore the sound of the “jug jug” which can still be heard. Two woman, brushing the other hairs, a secret that can’t be told because someone suddenly comes. Neurotic behavior of one woman which is more common now in MODERN TIMES than before. The neurotic woman scared about the wind, while the other comfort her repeating the word nothing which could mean again the nothingness, the nothingness of MODERN life which is shallow. Eliot’s...
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