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Topics: High school, Drink, Alcoholic beverage Pages: 3 (1393 words) Published: May 20, 2014
The movie The Spectacular Now directed by James Ponsoldt is an emotional but realistic movie about Sutter Keely who is afraid of growing up so believes he should be ”… in living in the now”. Sutter is a high school senior who is popular, loves his job, is the life of the party and has no plans for the future. After getting drunk one night he wakes up on a lawn with Amy Finicky hovering over him, she is quite, not popular, never had a boyfriend and unlike Sutter she has dreams. Although the two of them are so different they are drawn to each other. The Spectacular Now has been nominated and won numerous awards. I think Sutter’s relationship with alcohol is very dangerous because Sutter begins to rely on drinking to help him forget his issues. Sutter had not had a normal childhood as his father cheated on his mother, was an alcoholic and his mother worked long hours at the hospital so Sutter was always on his own. He blamed himself for everything; he thought his mother hated him because he “...reminds her of his father”, and he thinks he is exactly like his father. Thought the whole movie Sutter struggles with alcohol because he has such an addiction to it and he believes that it gives him confidence and helps he forget everything so whenever anything goes wrong he drinks. Eventually Sutter drinks himself to the point where he alienates others around him, cuts everything bad out of his life and is fired from his job because he cannot promise his boss that he will stop drinking at work, “… I cannot promise you that because without it I do not know what to do!”At the end of the movie Sutter‘s drinking gets very out of control and he drives home drunk and crashes, at this point his mother tells him that he is “…nothing like his father but he needs to sort his life out or he will be ”. In the end scene of the movie Sutter is no longer drinking, he has finally come to the point in his life where he knows he needs to grow up and he can no longer mask his pain by...
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