The Similarities and Differences between High school and University Education

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High school and university education.g
Education is one of the most important matter today. Nobody can deny the influence of high school and university on one’s life. It goes without saying that every students have to overcome these two education system so that they can be successful in life. Although both high school and the university train students, there are some different points. This essay will analyze about the difference and the similarity between high school and university in terms of education.

A- The obvious similarity of two education system is teachers. These two kind of system education have good teachers who are trained in colleges or universities. Either high school teachers or university teachers are knowledgeabe so that they can instruct their students. To students’ eyes, those teachers are trict and responsible because they not only give various sinificant lessons but also teach them how to behave in life. B- Both high school and university also have various kind of examinations to assess student’s ability. Each student has to overcome these examinations to demonstrate their capabilities. High school has several tests such as multiple choice and the essay examination, just as the university has. These tests help teachers classify good students or bad students.

Despite these similarities, most students recognize there are some apparent differences between high school and univerity education.

A- One area of difference is the method of teaching. First of all, high school teachers instruct to students from A to Z. For example, if students can not do any difficult exercises, they will show answers in detail. In contrast, the method in the university is guide what the students can not understand. Because they do not want their students to depend on them. Second of all, the teachers in high school use chalk to teach during their lesson. On the other hand, the major method in the university uses...
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