The seven ages of man

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Option 1
If you were a Hollywood movie producer, and you were remaking this video for a 21st century audience, what celebrity or well-known person would you cast as the speaker, and where would you set the scene? Compare or contrast your choices with at least one of the given versions from this lesson.

If I were to recreate this film in the 21st century, I would have Morgan Freeman be the speaker. I would choose Morgan Freeman because he’s known to have a very authoritative voice and calm demeanor. I could also compare him to this act of William Shakespeare’s scene. I would cast the scene of the seven ages of man in Hollywood. My reasoning for this is because it is know as the home of the entertainment industry. Even if you couldn’t find a place to your liking, you could always go to one of the studios and film it there. In Hollywood you could also find plenty of people with talent to play the roles in the 7 ages of man.
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