The Rising Cost of Universities

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The Rising Cost of Universities

As students are finishing up with high school, they come across a very important decision in their lives. Should they move on to a University and further advance their learning capabilities to one day work in a specialized job? Or go straight to the workforce with only a high school diploma? The problem these students face is that this decision is not entirely up to them anymore. In today’s economy students suffer from the rising costs of attending Universities. Wether its from tuition, room and board, and other expenses the decision is based solely on the cost of these things, which could make or break a student’s future.

When going to a University the tuition is the most valuable thing one must pay. This can vary from every University, and many others factors also are applied. The problem with tuition is that it is rising at a high pace. In Missouri students have to pay an extra two percent for tuition. That may not seem much but when increasing what is already a lot of money is a burden to the student.( Hunt ) Also tuition prices further depends on the major that is going to be studied, the type of University either public or private, the location of the University, The number of years attending, etc... The location is a significant issue on Universities. A lot of times it will give students a huge discount on attending Universities if they are a resident of the same state as the University, which is the in-state discount. On the other hand, if a student wishes or needs to go to a University outside of their residing state it will cost a lot more. The University of California charges an extra 22 thousand dollars just for not being a resident of the state.( California ) Imagine if a student is going to attend the University longer to achieve a higher degree than the bachelors degree. The student will have to attend University for more than the usual four and increase their payments for more years to come. For example if...

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