The Pro and Con Staying on Campus

Topics: University, Friendship, Time Pages: 2 (865 words) Published: December 31, 2012
The Pros and Cons of Staying On-Campus
Nowadays, many students after complete their secondary studies’ life then they tend to further their study to college or university life whereas some may not and prefer to involve in job market. When students choose to further studies automatically they will learn to live away from home and be more independently. That’s mean students live away from family and live in campus life. There are pros and cons of staying on campus. One of the biggest pros to living on campus at college is the transportation factor and also has opportunity to meet a lot of new people such as junior or senior from different faculty because you are constantly at campus. However, there are also some cons staying on campus such as would be noise especially if you are stay within a group of social friends that's known for being more social and also getting used to living with one or more other people and lead to lack of space and freedom. Primarily, it is widely agreed that staying on-campus can lead to transportation factors. Those who live on campus may take advantage of the fact that they can roll out of bed ten minutes before class. In reality, this is more of a benefit than most students acknowledge. This is because when the students stay outside the campus, they tend to wake up early in the morning. This is due to some case such as traffic jam and unexpected weather can delay even the most punctual student, those who live on campus can rest assured that they will always make it on time. Besides that, students’ easy walk distance to classes, the libraries, and recreational areas. Students can easy walk to their class because it is more nearly compare to those student who stay outside the campus. Students do not worry about their transportation and by walking they will reach their faculty on time. Moreover, in campus there also have the bus services for every student. Without a doubt, it is rather apparent that transportation factors...
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