The Necessity of Keeping University Entrance Examination

Topics: University, High school, Higher education Pages: 5 (1531 words) Published: March 29, 2009

Nguyeãn Ngoïc Khaùnh Linh

Professor OÂng Vaên Minh Taâm
May 2008


I. Introduction: The Vietnam education reform: omitting university entrance examination II. Reasons for not abolishing university entrance examination: A. Best selection guarantee

B. The shortage of colleges and universities
C. The effect of entrance exams
III. Conclusion

After a few recent years of debates, Vietnam education and training Department has made the decision to abolish annual national university entrance examination. Argument, therefore, has been brought about and this issue has become one of the most heated issues for the time being. A question to be raised is whether this education reform fits our current education circumstance or it is just a change which will, hence, bring consequences. Keeping our traditional university entrance examination, however, seems to be more preferable to most of Vietnamese citizens.

The first point is that the examination guarantees the best selection of qualified students for colleges and universities.
Although condemned to be too hard for most of candidates, the examination can evaluate true ability of students. Candidates with real talent will be selected for admission according to their choice of majors and colleges. This guarantees the best selection of students for universities. According to Professor Huynh Thanh Hung, vice-principal of Ho Chi Minh city University of Agriculture, it will be more beneficial to omit the high school graduation examination and keep the university entrance examination for colleges to admit the right students of their choice (“Boû thi ÑH: Nhieàu yù kieán khaùc nhau”.Vietbao. 9 April 2008). Since the university graduates will be trained for contribution to society in future, best students should be given privilege to pursue tertiary study. What indicates if a student is talented or not? The score he or she obtains in the university entrance exams does. Thus, it is proper not to omit this important examination.

Besides providing universities standard for the selection of best students, the exam results can also rank candidates according to their intellectual capability. Hence, students can get admission of schools which fits them and study with schoolmates who have equal ability. Thanks to this ranking, the design of curriculum will be simpler for each school according to its students’ level. Furthermore, students admitted will be given a chance to compete academically with the ones who have equal minds, not with those who are under or above their level, which either bores or discourages them.

In a wider view, all of us will immediately agree that it is logical for colleges and universities to select the best candidates for admission. The reason is that every society needs the intellectual contribution of the most talented, so these people should be given privilege to pursue their higher study or, in another way, a chance to contribute to their society in future. If the university seats are limited, the most talented should be the first to get admitted. Thus, an entrance examination is necessary to indicate whom to be chosen.

Our number of colleges and universities are not sufficient to our citizen’s educational demand. Thus, an entrance exam is necessary to decide whom to pursue higher study.
First of all, all of us should be reminded of Vietnam economic status. Despite being a member of WTO at the moment, Vietnam is still a developing country whose social welfare does not meet its citizens’ demand. Education is one of the most demanded types of social welfare: due to overpopulation, the needs for education is extremely high. Parents want to send their children to schools. Big demand far exceeds the supplies, thus makes the supplies insufficient. While the number of elementary and...

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