The Motivation for Young People Today to Go on with Their University/College Education Is Merely for Getting a Well-Paid Job After Graduation.

Topics: High school, Higher education, College Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Fast economic and social development recently have resulted in an abrupt increasing demand for higher education in economics while enrolment to others universities, teacher training, for examples, has been dropping dramatically. This unbalanced situation leads to many contrasting ideas that the only reason encouraging the youth to go on with their university or college education is getting a well-paid job after graduation. Personally, I believe, besides future job, there are still some other reasons for going to university, typically, such as “academic interest or social life” (p.1)

As for the academic interest, the fact remains that except for economics universities, the rate of high school students deciding to go to other universities in Viet Nam still stays stable even higher than previous years. Take University of Agriculture for example, Mr. Dinh Van Chinh, the vice headmaster of this university revealed that the number of application form they received in 2012 was more than 2000 than in the last year. Obviously, being an agricultural specialist in Viet Nam is not a high-salary job but it still attracts people who really interested in research methods of plants development or environment protection. Take FPT University for another example. This professional school of Art and Communication is said to require participants high cost of tuition and take part in a separate entrance test; however, the demand for going to this school remains high. The question is whether who will be willing to pay such a large amount of money and take part in such an extra test expect those who are passionate about art and communication field. And even in economic universities, it is impossible to ensure that 100% percent of the students attending those community schools because of their future well-paid job.

In terms of social life, for many students, “staying at schools for another 4 years” (p.2) can not lack of making friends, participating in clubs, organizations or...
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