The Most Important Personal Quality of a University Student

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The Most Important Personal Quality of a University Student

Intense competition in job market turns the society into a cruel arena, where awaits fierce fight for university students to get a position. In response to such reality, devoted university students try to become more competitive through different means, one of which is to attain various advantageous personal qualities, such as confidence, maturity and flexibility. Among these qualities, flexibility, I believe, is the most important personal quality a university student should possess to set up his or her future success. Firstly, flexibility adapts university students to a changeable society. As reality always conflicts with dreams, life requires a series of adjustments. Smart person should be flexible enough to grasp opportunities. One case in point is Bill Gates, the richest person in the world, being flexible enough to drop his promising study in Harvard University, started his software company which benefited people all around the world. Diligent and clever as many of his classmates were, they never achieved such success, mainly because they were too absorbed in the orthodox idea to work hard to be employed to a decent job. Secondly, a flexible student can accept ups and downs in life in an optimistic way, and thereby becomes one component of a harmonious society. The large percent of life is adversity. Only when one is flexible to overcome adversities then he or she can lead an easy life. A typical example is the well known story of a General in ancient times. Encouraged by a spider’s successful completion of a web after seven times’ failure, the General pulled himself together and wined the decisive battle. If there is no such thing as flexibility, Beethoven would never have been able to compose unperishing music under the circumstance of deafness, and Robert Frost would never have “took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” Unfortunately, many people...
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