The Major Trends Affecting Families in the New Millennium

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Tutorial 1- Ms.Amutha’s Class (Edited)

In this modern era of technology, there are many people who get involved in relationships during their teens compared to the olden days. It seems to be a popular trend to be in a relationship while pursuing their university education. Such a move might have advantages as well as disadvantages. In my opinion, it is all right for university students to go on dates and commit themselves to a steady relationship.

Firstly, courting couples can offer moral and emotional support while they are studying. For instance, most university students leave their homes to pursue their studies. Therefore, they lack the love and attention of their loved ones. With a partner beside, one can share their troubles together and face challenges together. As the saying goes, “Trouble shared is trouble halved; joy shared is joy doubled.”

Secondly, couples in a relationship can find suitable life partners. They can learn to practise tolerance and understand each other. They will have more time to know each other well. If they find that they are not suited for each other, they can amicably break up and remain as friends. Consequently, they can avoid marital problems in future. Some may claim that dating may distract undergraduates from pursuing their education. However, if their partners are more disciplined and are concerned about their studies, their time would not be wasted. Instead they can have a healthy competition among them. Together they can try and achieve academic excellence. At tertiary level, students are mature enough to handle academic challenges and relationship problems.

In a nutshell, it is all right for university students to go on dates and commit themselves to a steady relationship because relationships offer them mental and emotional support while studying. Moreover, the university setting gives them an avenue to find prospective life partners.

TUTORIAL 3(Ms.Amutha’s Class)

Most youth today get involved in relationships while they are still at university. This trend is made much easier with the availability of social networks and mobile phones. In my opinion, students should wait till they are settled with their careers to consider dating and getting into a serious relationship. I have valid reasons to make my stand.

Firstly, courting students may face emotional and financial problems when studying. Undergraduates might undergo great stress due to academic work such as assignments, reports and examinations. Hence, the relationship will add on to the stress. Other than that, students are usually dependent on their parents financially. During a relationship, they tend to buy annual gifts for each other. However, the expenses are born by their parents. Therefore, students should only start a relationship after they are financially stable. In other words, they will only be able to cope with a relationship as working adults.

Secondly, courtship will affect students’ academic achievements. For example, students will not be able to fully focus on their education but instead spend more time with their partners. Besides, they will not be able to manage their time efficiently since their schedule is often upset by their partners’ plans. Therefore, the students will not have sufficient time to rest, relax and revise their lessons.

Some may claim that engaging in a relationship while in university or college level might offer us a wider prospect of getting a suitable life partner. However, upon entering the corporate world, after graduating, working adults are exposing themselves to an even greater and wider range of people from business associates, giving them even more choices of choosing a suitable life partner.

In conclusion, university students should not go on dates and commit themselves to a steady relationship. Instead, they have to wait till they are settled with their careers to consider dating and getting into a serious...
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