The Life of an Adult College Sudent

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Suncura Cobb Cobb1 Mrs. Chapman

The Life of Adult College Students The life of adult college student comes with lots of responsibilities; also, adult students are more focused in college versus high school. Adult students understand that, when they made the decision to return to school, so they could obtain a higher education; as a result, they made the decision to take on more responsibilities; along with, home chores, employment and School homework; however, unlike me, who doesn’t have any small children to care for, versus those who do have small children to care for, have extra responsibilities.

For example, home chores, doing the laundry, loading and unloading the washing machine, mopping the floors, making the beds, cleaning the bathroom, or bathrooms, loading the dish washer, unloading the dish washer, feed the birds, feed the fish, dust the future, mail the bill payments, and if you have children you might have to put some time aside to attended your child’s school; then, they themselves have to attended all classes, gather all homework, go home, and cook dinner if you have children, if not, go straight to their outside job, for about 6 hours, and they still need to find time to write English paper; likewise, Math homework; in addition, to the english and math homework, there is more homework for other classes. Did I make you feel tired? If, so good because I wanted you to understand the life of adult college students. Consequently, adult students are more focus in college versus when they were in high school or early adult hood. As an adult going to school is a choice, unlike when you were in high school and you had no choice. Most adult student has their reasons for going back to school; for example, getting a promotion or a raise at...
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