The Job Evaluation Process

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Interview: The Job Evaluation Process
For this assignment I was quite fortunate to have access to a compensation analyst for Ashford University. Although I had a general idea of how positions and skill sets were established at Ashford University, I was not aware of the outside resources used to derive at these positions. Working as a financial services advisor at Ashford University has given me a first-hand look at the skill set possessed by new hires. In general, benchmarks for these positions are well-defined. On the other hand, the skill, pay grade set and ultimately the selection process of new employees should remain a focus for the University. The job evaluation system at Ashford University is market based, and is created by the Director of Compensation & Benefits in association with Mercer Consulting Company. Market based means the company is looking at what the market rate is for a job; i.e. what other organizations, “the labor market”, are paying certain positions that are the same or similar to positions in our organization. This is done by using compensation surveys. Ashford University uses a couple of different surveys to compile market data and benchmark positions. 3rd party national compensation surveys companies produce these surveys. They are not distributed, nor collected by Ashford University. As the university participates in these national surveys on a regular basis, they are in a position to purchase this data from the 3rd party companies at a discounted rate. In the interview, I was made aware of the fact there are several well-known, reliable compensation surveys that are available; Ashford University use both Watson Wyatt and Mercer for our national data. What is more; the university uses an additional 3rd survey that compiles data specifically for Post Secondary Educational Institutions. This survey focuses solely on positions that are relevant to all post secondary education institutions; Financial Aid Manager, Dean...

References: Ivancevich, J. (2007), Human Resource Management (11th. Ed.) Boston: McGraw-Hill.
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