The Issues Facing College Students Today: The Things We Were Never Warned About

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The Issues Facing College Students Today: The Things We Were Never Warned About

Every year, many young people around the world enter college with a particular degree in mind that they would like to pursue. We call these our “majors,” and the luckier college students carry their major with them throughout their college years to their eventual graduation. The more unlucky ones may change majors several times before settling, or may become frustrated with the decision-making and eventually drop out or suspend their college class-taking altogether. But regardless of the number of majors or years it takes one to complete a college degree and receive a certificate of completion, there are a number of major issues facing college students across our country. These problems make it difficult for anyone to complete college in a reasonable and affordable amount of time.

All across the United States, the state and national government is implementing various incentives for young people to go into college after completing high school. There is a major push for people to attain a college degree, and more and more people are going to college. But the universities and colleges, on the other hand, do not often have the students’ best interests at heart. College is big-business, and it’s all about manipulating individuals into spending their money at the schools in any way possible.

From my personal experience and that of many people I know, getting through college can be a real challenge. Yes, the classes can be difficult, and professors can be hard to impress. But there are greater issues than classes which challenge students to be their best. And these problems involve parking spaces, dormitories, and classes, all of which are usually limited.

Many universities boast that they have more and more students graduating every year. This is mainly because they are accepting more and more students every year as the demand for a college education grows and becomes more of an expectation for young people. This all sounds great in theory, but the problem is that so many of these colleges accept larger and larger numbers of students, for which they do not have adequate housing, parking, and most importantly, classes. Most colleges also are increasing tuition each year, causing them to make greater and greater amounts of money every year. Parking

This is a pretty self-explanatory issue facing many college students. Imagine commuting twenty minutes, an hour, or more from your home to the University for your 8 a.m. Class, only to drive around campus for another half hour searching for a place to park (and remember, you want to get to this class because you don’t want to miss a class which you are paying big bucks to attend). By the time you find a spot, you are running late, and you face the decision of whether to walk in late or whether to miss this time.

At the university which I attended, students are encouraged to buy expensive parking passes which allow them to park in an assigned lot. These passes are expensive (just like anything else on a college campus), and the university may give out 200 passes for a lot which can hold 100 cars. Housing

The letter comes in the mail. You open it anxiously, knowing this small envelope contains your fate, your future. You are beyond excited to read that you have been accepted to the University of your choice. And what’s more, they are even offering you a partial tuition scholarship to help you pay for it! What a blessed day! Then two weeks later, when you call to reserve housing for the following year, you hear the words, “Well, we do not have any available housing at this time.” And they say it as if there is nothing wrong with it – it’s your problem now. Classes

Perhaps greater than any of the other issues listed, the biggest problem happens in the middle of your college years. You have completed many of the general education requirements, and now it is finally time to get into the meat of...
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