The Impact on Customer Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction on Achieving a Competitive Advantage in the University of Batangas

Topics: University, Sales, Consultative selling Pages: 3 (633 words) Published: May 9, 2013

The University of Batangas formerly known as the Western Philippine Colleges was founded on 28th day of April, 1946. During the first year, they started with 48 students. The classes were conducted in a small rented house along J.P Rizal Avenue. The founders saw the need to put up an institution that would provide the Batangueno an opportunity to pursue a higher education. From 48 students of the former Western Philippine Colleges the enrolment increased to 14,000 students. The UB students are part of a selected academic community. The graduates of the University have brought unleashing honors and distinctions in the country and elsewhere as a fitting tribute to the ideals of their beloved Alma Mater.

The fruit of hardwork of the administrations, faculties and students has brought continuous success through the years. They started with Level III accreditation of the Elementary and Secondary Education, Business Administration, and Liberal Arts Programs by the Philippine Association of colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA), this was followed by granting of updated accreditation status of other departments.

However, as changes are brought about by political and economic instability in the country and even in the entire globe, even the education suffer from major setbacks. Because education is so expensive , students and parents may decide not to continue studying. Others may opt to transfer or enroll in other school where education is cheaper.

With this situation, the researchers have found the topic interesting to discuss and find out the impact on customer loyalty and customer satisfaction on achieving a competitive advantage in the University of...
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