The History and Theory of Art and Design

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DESN 1800

The History and Theory of Art and Design

20010/11 Module Handbook

Module Manager: Professor Ken Hay


Section A: Basic Information

Welcome to DESN 1800: The History and Theory of Art & Design. This module is an compulsory 20 credit module for all students in the School of Design. It is assessed through a 40 minute visual test (‘slide test’) (worth 30% of the overall mark) and a 3,000 word essay (worth 70% of the final mark). Further details on the assignment are given in Section C. There is also a formative interim assessment which will test your essay-writing and citation skills. Please note that you will be required to submit the formative feedback received on your interim assessment with your final essay.


The objectives of this module are:

- To provide an historical and theoretical overview of the cultures and histories of art and design in Western Europe and other locations, from the Renaissance to the present day.

- To introduce relevant historical, conceptual, critical and methodological tools for the analysis and discussion of art and design artefacts.

- To represent a broad historical overview, of art and design production with specific focus on key examples, throughout the period of study.

Contacting your module manager

Your module manager is:

Ken Hay

Room 1.01, Clothworkers’ Building (Link)

Tel: 0113 343 3787


If you have any questions, or are experiencing difficulties with this module, you should contact the module manager immediately.

Section B: Expectations: yours, mine and the University’s.

What you can expect:

This course consists of ten lectures and six seminar/tutorial sessions. The various historical movements in art & design are reviewed in the lecture series. Seminar sessions are run on a two-weekly rotation and you will receive further information about this in the first lecture.

The general aim of the module is to introduce you to the historical and cultural importance of art and design so you can understand the context in which your own work will be situated. Through the course readings, you will also be encouraged to engage with the academic literature on art & design. You may find this useful preparation for a dissertation in the area of art or design history when you reach Level 3 of your studies.

The module will use the VLE. Links to lecture notes, reading lists and supplementary materials will be made available through Blackboard prior to the classes.

An indicative list of lectures and seminars is given on the next page.

This module will be marked anonymously.

What I expect:

This module requires you to engage with relevant reading. Some texts will be suggested by me, but you will need to undertake thorough searches of academic literature to gain the most from the module.

Your engagement is also necessary in order to make the seminar series successful. Each seminar will discuss material covered in the lectures. This may simply require you to put forward your own opinion; alternatively, it may require you to undertake independent research. In each case, the seminar will encourage you to research areas of relevance to your final assignment.

I also expect feedback from you. The University requires student feedback to be obtained and evaluated for each module in every session. However, you should not wait until the final evaluation point. If there are specific areas you think can be improved, you should raise them as soon as they arise – if possible, I can then try to address them.

What the University expects

• Good attendance at the module: Attendance at classes is compulsory and is recorded. Where there is a good reason for absence please let the tutor know, in advance if possible. Failure to meet the work requirements...

Links: | |Formative essay submitted |
|Week 7 Film – genres, periods, techniques, 1880 to the present
Deadlines for the assignments:
Formative essay: Monday 31st October, 2011 (to be submitted online)
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