The Egg Boiler in Comparison to Our Town

Topics: Art, Aesthetics, Poetry Pages: 3 (960 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Errol Armstrong
Topic #2 “Art”
Comparison of Gwendolyn Brooks “The Egg Boiler”
To “Our Town” A Work of Art

Art is a skill that is worked through the conscious that helps us as individuals to bring forth a creative imagination. Often times, people put restraints on what beauty, culture, and love are. Act One of “Our Town” by Thornton Wilder and “The Egg Boiler” by Gwendolyn Brooks are both similar in which Mr. Webb and Professor Willard is sharing with us Grover’s Corners beauty and letting the people on the outside know that how they look at love, beauty, and culture is different than outsiders look at it just like Brooks talks about the style of poetry that is an art but people don’t look at it as poetry.

Act One of “Our Town” basically walks you throughout Grover’s Corners and shows you who’s who and what typically goes on around town. The characters are introduced, the setting is laid out, and the stage manager/narrator brings you in and out of the play leading up to my main argument. The stage manager allows Professor Willard, from the State University, to give a brief history lesson on Grover’s Corners. From there, the one and only Mr. Webb is questioned by the audience. This part of the play works to the advantage of Grover’s Corners given that Mr. Webb is the publisher and editor of the local paper. He holds great credibility in giving response to the question asked by the “Lady in a Box.” She asks, “Oh, Mr. Webb? Mr. Webb, is there any culture or love of beauty in Grover’s Corners?” To sum up his response, Mr. Webb basically tells the woman yes but not what you consider culture, love, or beauty. He speaks on what gives the people pleasures, the sun coming up over the mountain, the birds, and the change of seasons. This paints a very beautiful picture in giving you a way to enjoy the simplest things in life in this community.

“The Egg Boiler” resembles the pleasures of Act One in Our Town” in its attention to the focus on how Brooks...
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