The Effects of Alcohol on Behavior: a Naturalistic Observation Study

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Alcohol, Hangover Pages: 2 (414 words) Published: July 8, 2012
The Effects of Alcohol on Behavior
A Naturalistic Observation Study

I conducted a Naturalistic Observation Study to examine some of the possible effects of alcohol consumption on the behavior of young adults. According to K. Cherry (2012) (What is Naturalistic Observation?, para. 1) A Naturalistic Observation is a method of research that is often used by psychologists and other social scientists in order to study and observe the behaviors as they would occur in their natural, un -disrupted setting with no attempt to intervene by the researcher. At approximately nine-thirty PM, my co-observer and I went to a small local pub. We proceeded to have a seat at a booth, where we began to observe a few select individuals. We based our chosen participants on basic similarities such as height to weight ratio, gender and approximate ages. My partner and I then paired them up based on their similarities so we could begin to observe their individual alcohol intake and document any potential behavioral changes that might result from becoming increasingly intoxicated. While the results of our observations were somewhat inconclusive, there were some similar changes in behavior based on the amounts of drinks consumed. One example being that one set of participants who were male and slightly overweight, were slower to show noticeable signs of change in behavior and motor skills than another pair of females of average size. The behavioral changes between the two female participants were similar in that as the consumption of alcoholic beverages progressed both females began to drink faster, became louder, laughed more, and became slightly off balance when walking. In conclusion, people of the same approximate size and gender will generally show the same behavioral changes. There is however exceptions that will affect behavior as well which we were unable to accurately determine based on observation alone. One being an individual’s...
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