the effect of modern technology

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Effects Of Technology To The Study Habits Of The Students.

Thesis Statement

Technology came and changed lives, it made things easier. It totally made pleasant and unfavorable changes to the study habits of the students.


Can you still imagine those days where technology was not yet born could you even think about how they managed to survived ? Students without things such as laptops, netbooks, tablets, and phones or even just a simple calculator was still able to graduate and still became successful in life but what happened to our generation it seems that we can’t live a single day without touching our gadgets. We can’t even do assignments without Google it seems that we rely everything to technology. This days you could seldom see students wandering around reading books, unless if you’re in the library well still even sometimes in the library its not the books that the students are busy using but its their laptops, netboks,tablets and ipads and phones. This came to my attention what happened to the books aren’t they reliable enough that the students prefer to use their gadgets and get access to the wifi. I have also noticed that students seem to have lost their interest in doing their requirements if there is no internet. Again what happened to our generation? I can’t imagine what about those generations after us what will happen to them I think there situation will even be worst if we will not have the proper knowledge on how to use technology. So I have decided to make use of this topic since I know that through this study we will have a greater knowledge of effects of technology to the study habits of the students. Does technology help us to bring the best out of us or does it simply makes us the young people lazy to do our task and make some brainstorming because we know that with the internet the answer is just one click away from us. This paper will...
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