The Dumbing Down of Canadian Universities

Topics: Education, University, Teacher Pages: 1 (296 words) Published: February 21, 2013
From the information presented in the article “The dumbing down of Canada’s universities”, I strongly agree with Kee Dewdney and Vanessa Morgan, my belief is that Canada’s school system is lacking on the basic ability of teaching. There are many reasons behind this, in my opinion I would say it is not just the students fault, yes we are easily distracted, yes our attention span is very low and yes we do tend not to care or put in any effort, but it is just as much a teachers fault as it is a students because a teacher is the root, the starting point, and the guide to a successful well taught student. I great teacher means a great student. But what exactly is a great teacher? The way I look at it a great teacher is one who builds a relationship with each and every one of their students, a teacher that basically studies his/her students, one who is welling to give that extra half hour to help a student, one that points out the wrong and substitutes it with the right. A great teacher use logic and tactics to approach each student differently based on how they learn.

With that being said, giving up is not an option, if a student gives up the teacher should not, and if a teacher gives up the student should not. Many students do lack in basics of reading and writing but it is then when teachers should be the influence towards the mentality of a student, change the way they think, change the way they produce and change their mindset.

Practice makes perfect and if both students and teachers are not constantly practicing then there is no significant sign of improvement for post secondary education.
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