the differences between going to university and working after high school graduation

Topics: Higher education, High school, Education Pages: 1 (278 words) Published: April 1, 2014
Name: Vuong Dieu Linh
Group: QH2013E2
English 2B*/ Project 2 – Entry#2 – Draft#1

Topic: Going to university or working after high school graduation

After graduating from high school, students have to decide whether to go for higher education in university or start working immediately. This decision will mark an important milestone in their life due to the distinctions between these two options. There are several differences that worth considering. Firstly, knowledge can be seen as an obvious one. Students only learn fundamental knowledge during high school while they can acquire further understanding in their own interested major in university. What they get from high school may not relate to their job; by contrast, in university they are trained to work in particular fields such as science, law, economics, etc. In addition, exposing early to the real working world helps them gain more practical experiences compared with university life. Working after high school also differs from studying in university mentioning to financial aspects. Instead of earning a living and becoming independent of parents, students have to pay for tuition fees, living cost for at least 4 years before get a full time job and live on their own. In terms of future career, low education level means difficulties in salary and employment. On the other hand, having a bachelor’s degree will ensure a well-paid job and the chance of gaining promotion in the future. In conclusion, going to university or working after high school graduation will drive students’ life into two separate ways in regard to knowledge and financial aspects. It is very important for each individual to ponder before choosing the most suitable path to success in the future.
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