The Color of Love

Topics: Drinking culture, Drug addiction, Alcoholic beverage Pages: 5 (1668 words) Published: February 28, 2012
The underage drinking consequences.
School break is the best time to relax and try to forget about all the problems of everyday’s school life.
It was the hottest summer, I’d ever remember – long-waiting vacation time that brought me joy and happiness being off school – nice sense of freedom. My mind was overfilled with crazy ideas, that I wanted to be realized, as soon as possible. The weather forecast for the week did sound so good, that there was no reason to hesitate about the plan that bothered me all the sleepless night long. There was only one chance given to me to be away from my parents. That day we picked the place where to go for camping, to escape the stress of the city life. Camping sounded to me like a full relaxation. I was able to appreciate the small daily happenings such as a beautiful sunset, a blissful sunrise, as well as the campfire that was warming the cool summer air. I could feel the heat touching my face and the campfire smoke almost perfumed my clothes. We were eating hot dogs, hamburgers, corn. The flavored pink-colored drink was so good, that I couldn’t stop drinking it. Blank in my memory… I woke up earlier than the sun did with a crazy headache, found myself in a tiny tent that was overfilled with unfamiliar faces. The fresh air of the nature was poisoned with the strong smell of alcohol. The whole picture of the camping was destroyed by all that mess, that was around me. The atmosphere didn’t look so pleasant. There was garbage and broken glass all over the place. The crazy rock music sounded from somebody’s car. I observed the young couples sleeping on the table, where we still had some food left.

I found myself, as I am in hell I didn’t remember anything about the day before. I knew I went camping with my friends. So where are all of them? Why am I here? What is the place? Have I even been here before? And how are my parents? They might be looking for me. Oh my god!!! I feel so disappointed in myself, couldn’t believe I did it. I was drunk. I had never done this in my life before.

What a terrible headache.
I remembered the phone ringing again and again but I wasn’t able to pick it up. My parents were looking for me.
What a horrible headache they might have.
Later on I found out that they were trying to reach my friend through the phone too. I was ashamed of saying a word in front of my parents. I felt so guilty. There were no excuses why I left home without permission and besides came back home, having terrific smell of alcohol.

The headache I had was following me all day long.
In general alcohol use by underage drinkers is a persistent public health problem in the United States, and alcohol is the most commonly used drug among adolescents. Underage drinking is a causal factor in a host of serious problems, including homicide, suicide, traumatic injury, drowning, burns, violent and property crime, high risk sex, fetal alcohol syndrome, alcohol poisoning, and need for treatment for alcohol abuse and dependence. Accordingly, numerous approaches must be developed and studied that aim to prevent underage drinking. Some approaches should be school based, involving curricula targeted at preventing alcohol while the others - extracurricular, offering activities outside of school in the form of social or life skills training or alternative activities. The main strategy should be to involve the adolescents' families in the prevention programs. Policy strategies also have been implemented that have increased the minimum legal drinking age. Would I’ve been able to see the danger of the situation? Would the absence of alcohol have prevented the events of that night from occurring? I might be just lucky, that nothing bad happened to me, but the terrible headache. These questions, along with the vivid memory of that night, fueled my examination of the complex social...

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