The Causes and Effects of Doing Well in a Class

Topics: University, Education, College Pages: 1 (396 words) Published: October 30, 2010
Many students do not understand the value of a good education. They do not realize that their overall achievement in classes sets them up for the rest of their lives. The goal of many is to simply not fail. With a little more effort, students can excel in their studies and provide more options for their future, whether it be admission to college or a job opportunity. By being prepared, students can excel in their classes and be successful throughout their academic careers and beyond. To do well in a class, students must always be prepared. They should bring in what is needed for the lesson and always do their homework and projects. By paying attention in class and studying, students can easily ace tests and quizzes. Students should make sure they get enough sleep so they will be alert in class. If a certain topic is confusing or hard to understand, students should not be afraid to ask the teacher or a classmate for help. Doing well in a class leads to success throughout school. If a student has high grades in all of their classes, they will have an impressive report card and be put on the Honor Roll. These grades please parents and often result in rewards for the student. By having a good understanding of a certain topic, students can be put in Honors or Advanced Placement classes. Academic excellence allows students to gain respect from their teachers and peers. Success in school often leads to a successful life afterwards. Top students can often get into the colleges of their choice. If they have an impressive academic record, students may be offered full or partial scholarships from colleges and other organizations. When college is completed successfully, a good job can be attained. With a career well-suited to their strengths and interests, a person can lead a good life with a greater understanding of the world around them. By being prepared, a student can do well in a class. As a result of academic excellence, students...
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