The Capabilities of New Technology in Education

Topics: Education, Computer, Personal computer Pages: 8 (2374 words) Published: July 24, 2011

Nowadays, new technology requires educational institutions to be responsive to the needs and demands of the country considering the significant role of Education in its social and economic development. Our country neighbors such as Japan, Singapore, Hongkong, Taiwan, South Korea do give priority to education specifically when it comes to modernization of instrumental technology. They do believe that such advancement is an answer to the emerging global problems which concerns Information Transfer and Cybernization.

The Philippines for sure underscores the same thing as embodied in the 1987 Constitution which manifest that the State shall protect and promote rights of all citizens to quality education at all levels and shall take appropriate steps to make such education accessible to all. The Philippines education upholds two specific national goals: global competitiveness and people empowerment. These are primary reasons why the school whether under the umbrella of CHED or DepEd are aiming at producing quality graduates who can uphold the country of excellence in their performance outputs.

Thus, the college graduates of today are faced to a new kind of organization vehicle where the future will today be different from the past. The world is now confronting the dramatic change which is the emergence of knowledge in which aspects of the future now co-exist with the present, such as the use of the internet, powerful personal computers, real-time video-conferencing, global positioning systems and many other frontiers of science and technology.

The educational community is the entrance of the technological age and all are rushing headlong into computerization and globalization. Moreover, the need for continuing computer literacy is emphasized not only for the students but for the school administrators and the teachers as well. Many colleges and universities, public or private, are in the processing to have more or these new technological facilities with the strong belief that technology is the single most important area which the students must master to succeed in the 21st century. Hence, the educators and everyone in the academe are now confronted with the dilemma of catching up with the advancing technology. These do not only mean throwing computers into labs and expecting users whether teachers or students to integrate technology effectively into the instruction of varying disciplines.

How can this new technology be brought into the classroom so that it becomes an integral component of the school’s practice development? What is certainly the role and capability of computers, multimedia and other modern technological devices to justify their use in the educational institutions.?

This paper underscores the immediate need and capabilities of such technology in education and therefore attempts to discuss related issues. Some questions in survey have sought for the following: perceptions regarding the use of computers for instructional purposes, factors to make computer-based education program effective and problem that may be encountered in the application of computer technology to the teaching-learning process.

The capability of computers in improving the quality of student learning and the efficiency of teaching has been the target issue in the national survey conducted by the foundation. Aside from asking questions given to school administrators, analysis from different references and syllabi on educational computing and interview with the pool of experts in the computer education were utilized to come up with the appropriate responses to the problems in the use of computers and to access as well their benefits for instructional purposes.

The respondents of whom 54 percent are users and 46 percent are non-users of computer technology emphasized likewise the need to improve computer facilities to facilitate effectiveness of the programs...
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