The Benefits of Technology on Comminication

Topics: Technology, Communication, Telephone Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Since ever the existence of human race,technology and communication have gone hand-in-hand.İnitially,ancient people used to write on stone and then the invention of paper and printing press spread the communication.The ever evolving technology helped circulate the newspaper from one part to another part of the world. The invention of the telephone, radio,television ,mobile phone and text messaging made communication faster, less expensive and widely available. But internet has completely changed the way we communicate.According to Zhong(2007) says that Internet made communication very handy for humans.He points out that people can easily communicate with their families and friends through internet easier and cheaper.

The influence of modern technology on communication is so powerful that it can improve a society and country.For example,Winston (1998) states that technology changes and shapes society and has a huge impact on this subject. You have a choice though how much information you want to extract that modern communication system provides you.Communication tools which developed as a result of technological development and being electronics provide speed and convenience.Internet, telephone, fax, newspapers, radio, television, computers as communication tools has become an integral part of people.Because of fast and easily accessible communication, people can expand and enhance their knowledge.

The invention of the Internet is probably the best answer when it comes to how does technology affect communication.The Internet has the most significant impact on communication. The sending and receiving of emails, chatting have made communication faster, easier and less expensive. People cannot only talk online to someone who is thousands of miles away but they can see them while talking online,too. Also lots of corporations and institutions use technology to communicate with each other like...
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