The Apple Company and What They Did Wrong

Topics: Islam, Alcoholic beverage, Kaaba Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: May 14, 2013
The Apple company and
What they did wrong…..

The apple company has insulted Islam and has remarkably encouraged the Muslims to start a riot against them. The company has made a bar in the shape of the holy kaaba. This is a great insult to the religion as it is a very holy and pious place. However, the Muslims have not done anything big against them even though it’s a big disrespect towards their religion. There is an example of someone making a house in the shape of an apple and with the apple logo, but he sells Nokia phones inside of it, this is the type of disrespect the apple company has gave to the Muslims. As Muslims we will raise a riot against this company and soon there will be a large protest plus the idea of us or in particular one person raising a case against the apple for doing this. This is a simple warning to the company as we may even sue the company for their stupidity in disrespecting a religion. The replica of the holy kaaba is located in central new York 767 5th avenue. Those who read this… we don’t know whether you people are against us or with us, but remember if someone or some company disrespects your religion, how would you feel? You most likely would want him to take back what he did or said. Moreover the company more greatly disrespected Islam by selling wine and other alcohol drinks within it. The Muslims have patiently waited for them to remove the building, but the company has no worries. However, now we will fight against the company with the court or without it WE WILL DO WHATEVER ACTION WE WILL HAVE TO DO TO GET RID OF THE REPLICA OF THE HOLY KAABA. BY :THE MUSLIMS OF MAKAH
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