The advancement of technology research paper

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Thesis Statement: The advancement of technology has changed the way individuals interact on a personal, educational and on a business level that can be viewed as a positive or a negative gain.

I. The advancement of technology has an affect on a personal level of interaction.

A. Technology has a great deal of positive ways to strengthen personal relationships.

1. The advantage that technology creates for individuals makes a better way to communicate with friends and family. 2. The internet has a good advantage for an inspired individual with a good idea and wants to spread the word. 3. Having access to social sites, smart phones, laptops and iPads makes communication and organization easier. B. The progress of technology also has many disadvantages.

1. One disadvantage technology creates is the decrease of ability to interact with others in person. 2. Technology has created heavy users that mainly rely on technology too much. 3. It may be true that heavy social network users may affect the ability to form a healthy relationship.

II. Technology has created a new way for learning in the classroom.

A. Technology has created a new way for students and teachers to access information.

1. Students and teachers didn’t have to write or remember everything because with the useful tools like books and computers to re-access to the information. 2. Computers allow people to have a chance to still have a learning experience from home. 3. Computers and the internet make it easier for students to do research with out having to the library.

B. The advancing technology in the school environment may not be an advantage to those who are not so computer literate.

1. Everybody may not have access to a computer of their own. 2. Writing things down and going to the library may be a good way of effectively learning instead of using a computer. 3. To further or get higher learning being computer literate is required for graduation.

III. The advantage of growing technology has on a more business setting.

A. Technology for businesses and in the work place can be a good advantage.

1. It’s a great advantage to be knowledgeable of computers and how they work can be helpful to do well in a professional career. 2. Social sites, smart phones, websites, television, and radio help businesses reach large audiences. 3. Advertisements through internet ads and social sites can help business earn money.

B. There are some down falls about technology being use so much in the business world.

1. Since technology is being used so much that scientific and technical understanding is decreasing. 2. Another disadvantage that technology creates for business can get misrepresented by employees and employers through social sites.

Tamara Reed
P. Patterson
Eng. 102- AC71

Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Advancing Technology
The advancement of technology is very important to our world as we know it. Technology has a way of having an effect on social viewpoints in many angles. Having the privilege of technology has good and bad effects but allows the way of the world to branch out and upgrade communication as we know it. By allowing communication to branch out and update with the advancing technology kick, this allows for clarity in what is an advantage or concerns. The Advancement of technology changes the way individuals interact personally, in an educational sense, and in the business world as well.

Imagine how far man kind can learn and discover new ways for communication through technology. We have come this far
as to understanding what was needed to make things easier for us. Technology has seemed to make changes for individuals with close relationships. Technologies also seem to affect the learning experience as well. The business world has taken a spin for technology also. Technology has seemed to...

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