Texting while Driving

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Annotated Bibliography for Texting and Driving
In Harris County Texas it is said that one of the most dangerous crimes committed is drunk driving. Unfortunately drunk driving is a big issue hanging over the heads of law enforcement. Harris County is number one in the country for drunken driving fatalities, and yet I will make the argument that texting while driving is potentially as dangerous if not more as drunk driving. I believe the reason that this issue is more volatile than drunk driving because everyone is capable of texting while driving. Drunk driving is unique to people that drink alcohol, and when you take the entire population that drinks alcohol it pales in comparison to the population that text while driving. This issue is starting to make national headlines; the government is starting to pay attention to staggering statistics and acting. Since teenagers make up the majority of violators the government has found new ways to reach teenagers and young adults in marketing campaigns. While teenagers are not the only violators the marketing has been focused towards teenagers and young adults and it has shown to be effective in its early stages. In an article from USA Today, it clearly shows that teenagers that text and drive are also more than likely to conduct other risky behavior. Teens who text and drive are more likely to drink and drive than teens that do not text and drive. What this demonstrates is that teenagers that make one bad decision are likely to make many bad decisions. I think this article could benefit parents by allowing them the opportunity to observe their teenager to see if their teenager is involved in any risky behavior. If they observe a teenager who is not wearing a seatbelt, then they can probably assume that they are also texting while driving. This could give parents an opportunity to sit down with their child and explain to them the dangers of the behaviors that they’re finding themselves in. All parents could benefit...
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