Texting and Driving

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Drinking game, Need Pages: 3 (1050 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Devin Leonard
Draft No. 3
March 7, 2013

Don’t have another boring weekend, and go throw a party! Throwing a raging party is a great way to have spice up your weekend. But what if someone doesn’t know how to pull off a raging party? Throwing a raging party actually isn’t that difficult to do if you plan, and prepare yourself for one. Some things someone should consider when throwing a raging party are location, supplies, food and drinks, and entertainment. When throwing a raging party location is an important part to consider. Choosing a location is central to throwing a raging party. This is essential since this is where the party is going to take place. With that being said there are a few places that someone may want to consider. There are a few places you can have parties at.  One maybe someone's house if your looking to save money. If you are looking to break the bank a little you could consider a venue. A venue could be from anywhere from a country club, dining halls, and clubs.  Then if your looking to be a little more exotic you could go around looking for abandon places.  These places would include old warehouses, farmland in the middle of nowhere, and houses.  Next time when planning a party you many want to consider these places. Supplies are a vital piece of the raging party puzzle you will need. When shopping for your supplies number one on your list should be cups. Cups are used for your drinking a your party. Cups are also used for some games played at your party like; beer pong or flip cup. Some other party supplies you need are plates. Plates are for the food that you will be having at your party. Another supply you will need is cards. You will need card for some different types of drinking games. Next yon your shopping list should be decorations. Now, when throwing your raging party depending if you want a theme party when decorations that match the theme. If your part is generic you could just get any color...
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