Technology Trends

Topics: Virtual private network, Internet, Mobile device Pages: 7 (2480 words) Published: March 19, 2013
What do you think is the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the word technological trend? Do you think of how computers has advance over a recent decade, telephone complications of trying to get through or even speak to a customer service representative or just disbelief and amazement? Regardless, of what you think, technological trends are here to stay especially in telecommunications and networking aspect. However, in today society, we have a lot of obstacles that we must face in the overall technology world. The changing of technology it important but sometime it has it downfalls for example slowing our fast pace world. The downfalls can happen at any time and at any place which would suddenly hinder our fast pace world. The downfalls come in all shapes, forms and aspect of our lives for example the recent virus attack that hit Microsoft Windows users, and the recent blackouts in Northeast of the United States and part of Canada. Even though technology may have it downfalls regardless it will always be an important aspect of our society. The technology world can be so overwhelming to a lot of people especially those who still live in the Stone Age. To help ease a few of the tension and anxiety that some of our technological challenge society have. I will like to focus on how certain technologies trends in telecommunication and networking for example, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Broadband, Voice Over Internet Protocol, and Mobile Computing that impacts today’s business society. Also how those particular technologies will impact the future of business society. In addition, my personally opinions about the impact of these technologies and the personal involvement I have with these some of these technologies. The first technological trend I would like to introduce you to is, Virtual Private Network (VPN). What is Virtual Private Network (VPN)? In the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines virtual as "being such practically or in effect, although not in actual fact or name. So for something to be a virtual network, it should act like a network, yet not be one. It's a wonder then that anyone could classify only some networks as virtual since all networks are virtual to some extent.[1]“ VPN is defined in the business world as a private Network that uses public networks usually the Internet to connect to remote locations. In other words, a private network is where someone for someone defines the data paths and these can consist of physical wiring or specific data links over shared wiring.[2] As the popularity of the Internet grows businesses want to extend their own networks. Companies for examples, Alterra Healthcare founded in 1981 is one of the nation's leading providers of assisted living residences for the physically frail elderly and the nation's largest operator of freestanding residences for individuals with Alzheimer's disease or other forms of memory loss has an Intranet for their employees. Intranet is a password-protected sites designed for use only by company employees. Alterra Healthcare Intranet site is called Alterranet, which keep their employees connected and informed about what’s going on around the company. The Intranet works well for Alterra because their headquarters is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and they operates nationwide with over 350 residences in 24 states.[3] A typical VPN for a company like Alterra Healthcare might have a main Locate Area Network (LAN) at the corporate headquarters, and at remote offices, facilities and individual users connecting from out in the field. Now, many companies are creating their own VPN to accommodate the needs of remote employees and distant offices. Instead of using leased lines, VPN uses a virtual connection that goes through the Internet from a company’s private network to a remote office or an employee. [4] There are two common types of VPNs. First you have the remote-access also known as a...
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