Technology: Its Your World

Topics: Technology, Internet, Mobile phone Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Technology: It Is Your World

Throughout many centuries, the innovation of technology has come very far. So much so, that technology has made great strides over the past hundreds of years. Through these many innovations, society has advanced in both negative and positive ways. In the past, older generations did not the convenience of advanced technology such as we do today. For example, there was no convenience of the internet, cell phones or other major electronic devices. Technology has evolved so much that you can literally do almost anything and everything via your phone or computer nowadays. With one touch of a button the possibilities are endless. Technology has revolutionized the way society is today and opens doors to change people’s lives more each day.

The world mostly revolves around all technology every day. Many people today rely on the advancement of technology each day to help them through their day. We use it for work, for school and to keep in touch with what is going on in the world and our own community. “ Our access to data needs to match the new scope of our lives.” (Etzioni) Technology has impacted us to be comfortable using any piece of technology to make situations easier for ourselves. “Technological developments have impacted our lives in a way that is next to impossible to imagine this world, without their presence.” (Pandley) We can easily do anything in half the time with technology rather than if it were manual. For instance, writing a letter, rather than sending a quick text message or researching a certain topic online, rather than going to the library. We have a million different resources to help us, smart cell phones with internet on the go, iPads, portable laptops and kindles. All of the possibilities are endless when it comes to technology nowadays. Although, some people may believe that too much technology is harmful, most people would disagree that technology is only there to help make your life...

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