Technology in the Workplace

Topics: Insurance, Information technology, Technology Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Over the past decade, there has been an influx in technology in the workplace. Email the internet, fax and other forms of technology have streamlined office tasks and made it possible to accomplish more work quickly. However, some organizations see change as stressful. tells us that efficiency in general describes the extent to which time, effort or cost is well used for the intended tasks or purpose while defines effectiveness as the degree to which objectives are achieved and the extent to which targeted problems are solved. Business processes and what is good for the customer should drive the implementation of technology since this is designed to add value for the customer and also to create value for the organisation operating the process. The company indentified for my research is Brydens Insurance Inc. The main objectives of this company are to achieve top customer satisfaction when compared with other companies in the financial service industry, to secure high employee engagement scores, getting things done on time for example the time between a client signing a new insurance contract and receiving the insurance policy and the time between a customer making an insurance claim and receiving compensation. After an analysis of the company and its employees, it was realised that the older management staff were not willing to co-operate with the much younger management staff with regards to change in the organization as it relates to the upgrade in the information technology systems. Being an employee of the company I live the situation firsthand. Our refusal to upgrade our technologies have cost the company to go from one of the leading in the industry to one where customers choose not to be clients and some of the current customers are taking their business

elsewhere. Clients that have been with the company for decades who themselves have upgraded their own systems, have refused to continue doing business with...
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