Technology in schools synthesis

Topics: Mind, Technology, Education Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: October 8, 2014
Tatiana Mora
AP Composition
Schools in today’s societies have to generate new ideas to keep students engaged in learning, meaning that the much glorified abilities of technology will maneuver its way in to the curriculum. Such technologies allow easy access to information, to make studying less of a hassle, and create a quicker and less stressful way to advance their education. Although it may be the quicker way, the actual quality of the information is compromised. Before using particular technologies in curriculum and instruction, schools should consider that students need some sort of responsibility as they grow older to prepare them for adulthood, shortens attention spans and the ability of a child’s imagination to roam free. As children grow into adolescents, much more is expected of them. Certain tasks that require punctuality, motivation and discipline are being imperiled due to smart technology that completes any difficult task with a couple of words in a search engine. A recently opened local Arizona high school gave in to the modern technology and eliminated textbooks from the curriculum completely. Empire High and its officials believe that lifting textbooks from the curriculum allows students to be involved in a way that relates to them best. Removing hard copies completely from the curriculum leaves room for excuses to why a certain assignment was not done. The responsibilities of being a young adult, eventually to go to college and obtain a career are being put at a standstill to benefit the student now, but ultimately leave them underprepared for reality, which is not on an iBook, but in the real world. (Source A) The discipline required to make adult like decision is paved from what influences surrounded one as a child, and the use of technology is changing the way that children think and the way they react to boredom. The internet utilizes attractive illustrations and images to lure them into sites not suitable for children, for...
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