Technology Implementation Paper

Topics: Implementation, Organization, Plan Pages: 4 (1282 words) Published: May 14, 2012
Technology Implementation Paper
Bob Smith
TEC/401 Human Factors in Technology

Technology Implementation Paper

The implementation of new technology in an organization requires strategic planning; the task mandates attention to the development of project plans, the implementation of the plan, training and support strategies. The difficulty of developing and implementing new technology leverages planners to consider timelines, budget, software and hardware migrations in addition to the adaptability of the workforce. “Enterprises cannot effectively implement technologies such as the Internet, Intranets, extranets, group support systems, and knowledge management without drastically changing the way business operates.” (Regan & O’Connor, 2002, Pg. 360); this passage from the text reflects the overall impact technology can have on an organization. As the goals of an organization evolve to meet the needs of a demanding market, effective planning and communication is required to negotiate necessary changes to the workforce and business partners. Executive leadership can insure a fluid execution of new technology by communicating clear directives, timelines and expectations to the workforce. The well-planned introduction of technology to an organization can be empowering; conversely, ill conceived and poorly executed planning can be fatal for organizations attempting to remain competitive in a quickly evolving technological environment.

Project plans
Arguably the most important phase of technology implementation is Project Planning. Organizations developing a technological roadmap must answer current and future needs of the business. Designating a planning committee composed of professionals who possess the necessary skills to evaluate organizational needs is the fundamental step in planning; qualified, experienced subject-matter experts can successfully navigate the pitfalls of implementing new ideas. Integrating an IT consultant into...

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