Technology Impacts on Todays World

Topics: Mobile phone, 21st century, Los Angeles Pages: 3 (802 words) Published: October 30, 2013
In today’s society, technology has become the most dependable resource for infinite purposes. Decades ago, technology had a gradual affect on the way it shaped peoples lives, compared to how it affects them now. In the 21st century, technology is the core of what is holding most people together mentally and physically in the world today. Within the categories of computers and cell phones, people have been relying on these two sources for their everyday achievements of the way they learn, think, and socialize with the resources available. In comparison from the past to present, there is less reading from books and print articles, such as newspapers and magazines, and more of reading websites online such as blogs or social media and having visual content. According to Patricia Greenfield, professor from University of California Los Angeles department of psychology, and Director of the Children’s Media Center in Los Angeles, “As students spend more time with visual media and less time with print, evaluation methods that include visual media will give a better picture of what they actually know.” (Is Technology Producing A Decline In Critical Thinking And Analysis?) This emphasizes the disadvantages of how technology affects the brain. When information is given to learning brains through a movie or slide shows, it gives the brain a more difficult time to process and develop on its own learning features. People are so reliable on technology to do the work for them that it affects the way that people function day to day without the resource by their side. Such as Greenfield adds, “ (Is Technology Producing) Most visual media are real-time media that do not allow time for reflection, analysis or imagination.” Due to the rapid change in technology, in the past couple decades, the way educational institutions have altered the learning techniques, which the advantage of having a device to answer any question in the world can be seen as an advantage but easily dangerous...

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