technology: Helpful or Hurtful

Topics: Technology, Mobile phone, Life Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: May 12, 2014
Rachael Weaver
Mr. Strohm
English Litterature
1 March 2014
Technology: Helpful or Hurtful
Technology is on of the most advanced things in society. People depend on it for many reasons. Still the question remains, does technology provide an inability to be productive, or make like easier and more productive? In society today people can live much simplier lifes because of technology. Talking to people anytime from anywhere is now possible because of cell phones. People are also able to work on the move thanks to Lab Tops, Ipads, Smart Phones, and other technology todays generation has invented. Cars, homes, stores, schools, and many other things people use in everyday life are becoming more advanced to make like easier. Technology in the medical field is also becoming more advanced. Everyday people are either getting sick or dying. Even though scientists are finding new diseases everyday, they are also finding cures and treatments because of technology. People who have cancer now have hope, thanks to chemo and radiation, which is only possible with technology.Without these new advances in technology doctors would never know why people are sick, dying or how to help them. The military is also making new advances in technology. They are using technology to invent better ways to defend the...
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