-“Technology Has Crippled the New Generation”…….”Against”

Topics: Technology, Health, Infant mortality Pages: 2 (881 words) Published: July 26, 2011
Good morning everyone, the motion that has been put forward today is one on which I guess people have been debating since like a decade now. The moment human beings realized that they could make life easier and simple the human mind with its deep sense of conscience led to the rise of protagonists both in favor and against the usage of technology. The fact is that technology is a tool and nothing more. The history of the world clearly tells the tale of technology, and it's obvious to the most casual observer that the great societies have always been those who took advantage of the technologies of their time. From the earliest of humans who first tamed fire, to contemporary times, the societies who best leveraged technology rose to the top. Did the wheel of ancient Mesopotamia in any way damage the society? How about the use of iron in ancient Greece and Rome? The steam engine, telephone, electric light, airplane? Has any technology ever controlled any society or weakened it? The answer is a loud and resounding NO! Let us return to the motion put forward today “technology has crippled our new generation”, which literally means technology has disabled or weakened our new generation, but I don’t understand why we are even debating on this topic my worthy opposition perhaps has failed to understand that the topic itself is an incentive for us since we today are the most powerful, technologically advanced generation till now and hence the question of us being weakened or damaged doesn’t arise only. Whenever we speak of technology today and its impact on the new generation the so called youngistaan ,we usually associate technology for having brought luxuries into our life and these leading to laziness, health problems, people no longer giving importance to relationships etc etc But let’s just take a moment back and think over it ,if the older generation were such active and so healthy then why were the high death rates and infant mortality rates all around the world so...
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