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How Technology Affects Our Lives
Christopher David McCray
COM 150
January 20, 2012
Karen Shively

How Technology Affects Our Lives

Have you ever wondered how much different life would be without the continued study and advancement in technology? A lot of conveniences that we now know and cannot imagine living without make our lives easier and more comfortable. Technology is helping the world stay connected and grow at an alarming rate. Today technology is being used in ways that were not imaginable thirty to forty years ago. Technology is now being used to make advances in the field of medicine, fine better ways to produce clean energy, and needless to say it creating a more efficient and effective work force. Technology has become a part of our everyday life. We see the effects of technology and its changes every day in how communicate, learn, and how it affects healthcare.

Technology affects our lives in a major way. It is hard to go anywhere and not see the changes technology has bought to the American people now in year 2012. It is hard to even imagine life without technology. It is hard to imagine life without technology because whether it has been in its simplest form technological advances have been being introduced to humanity since the invention of the wheel. Today technology (and since the beginning of time)has helped us save time and helps those who use it to complete tasks easier and more efficiently. And saving time and being able to complete task more efficiently is paramount in today’s society where being able to operate as lean as possible is a major priority, if not the top priority. Technology is one of the major reasons businesses, both small and large, can function as well as they do in a rapid and agile manner. Just think about how technology affects many jobs today compared to one-hundred years ago, and not even that long ago, maybe even thirty years ago. Technology itself makes life easier, and makes task that used to be stringent and grueling more convenient. Today life is extremely hectic, but technology helps us by simplifying a lot of our daily tasks from travel, to the simple technologies we use on an everyday basis that we may never consider. Travel use to be very dangerous and time consuming years ago, when people depended on being transported by horseback, horse and buggy, or transporting themselves by foot. Trips that take hours today (whether driving a motor vehicle, flying, riding a plane train or ship) take days, and trips that take days today would have taken weeks or possibly months. Also think about many of the other technological conveniences us as Americans enjoy on a daily basis such as central air, indoor plumbing, microwaves, and et cetera, take your pick from either of them, and think about life without them. Not a pretty picture right? Many Americans don’t realize how these things really make life easier. Compare how easy it is to go to your bathroom, whether upstairs, down stairs, across from, or down the hall from your room. It is much more convenient to have your restroom/lavatory in your home, than it would be to go to the outhouse in the back yard. Don’t even mention going to the outhouse on a cold, rainy, or snowy night. Not just indoor plumbing, but think about how convenient it is to have a microwave or toaster oven. I a lot of cases you can have a snack or a meal in minutes. There is no need in going out to gather fire wood to place in the wood stove, we can turn a knob, push a button or just plug up whatever appliance we need to use to prepare our chow. In a time where time and resources are becoming harder to come by, technology in some ways are helping us keep things together. One of the major ways us as human beings keep things together is by communicating. Communication has always been and will always be a major part of society. It is impossible to get anything done in any walk of life without there being some form of...

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