Technology: Endless Field of Creations and Inventions

Topics: Technology, Internet, Frank Popper Pages: 8 (3069 words) Published: July 29, 2013
R.P. Just imagine, you wake up in the morning and the first thing you touch is an alarm clock, then you go to a bathroom, and see a washing machine, a hair drier, an electric razor and a water heater, which are all products of modern technology. Afterwards, you move to the kitchen and again, using a lot of kinds of technology such as a coffee machine, a toaster, a microwave, and a teapot you make your breakfast. Probably, you will enjoy breakfast reading news on a tablet, playing games on a mobile phone, or justsimply watching TV. It is only the first 40 minutes of your day, and you have already used a diversity of technological devices. Now, just imagine that you have to remove half of them from your daily use?Could you do it? It is obvious that no! People have become addicted and it is already too late to exclude technology from our lives. And why should they if it really makes life much easier? As technology affects all the aspects of our lives, it is obvious that it hasimmeasurable effects on our life, which are almost all positive.

One of the main effects of presence of technology in people’s livesis that it makes life easier. Firstly, the communication system has dramatically changed during the last two to three decades, and nowadays it lets people to stay on touch with friends and family on other continents. Skype, Facebook, Twitter-these names have become so common that even young children are acquainted with them. These advances give us all the opportunity to know where our friends are, to know what they are doing, to look at their photos, to write comments, or just share any kind of information about ourselves. Secondly, let’s go back to our daily life: technology has progressed so much that the housework that took ten hours in the last century, now can be done within an hour or two with the help of a vacuum cleaner, a washing machine, an iron, a dishwasher, a microwave, a coffee maker and so on. These devices give2 modern women more time for children and a career. Thirdly, the effect of technology on transportation cannot be overlooked. Carsthat can set speeds up to 400km/h, airplanesthat are able to fly around all the earth in about 24 hours, modern metro systems in large cities, which may consist of more than one hundred subway stations-all these let people go wherever they want in a very short time period. Undoubtedly, technology has a positive effect on our life though excess use may cause certain health problems.

As a coin has two sides, technology may also have negative aspects, two of which are the most significant. It may not be noticeable but one of the main reasons for pollution is also technology: the more it progresses, the more it harms environment. Some factories try to decrease its negative effects by using new technologies. However, to have a significant effect, at least half of producers must change their systems. The second negative effect of technology is health problems, most of them may be minor; however,some may really cause dangerous diseases. Insignificant ones,such assleep deprivation and constant headaches, may occur as a result of spending too much time at a computer. This problem is widely spread among teenagers, who are addicted to social networks and cannot exist even an hour without checking notifications or email. With regard to serious health damage, which technology may cause, there is a possibility of occurrence such serious illnesses as cancer or the loss of eyesight. Thus, though technology plays an important role in our work, studying, housework and we cannot exclude it from our lives, it is advisable to decrease the time spent on it. As we live in the 21st century it is impossible to imagine a modern system of education and business all over the world without technological gadgets. For instance, in Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (ADA), the university where I study, it is hard to imagine the educational process without technology. Our campus...
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