Technology Crisis

Topics: Technology, Crisis, Storm Pages: 3 (1030 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Kaila Marie Letteri
November 12, 2012
CIT 110
Professor Ganis

How Technology Helps in a Crisis

Technology runs our world. Many people rely on it everyday for many reasons and functions. What happens if a natural disaster strikes and all of a sudden these everyday items become no longer useful? When disasters strike we often lose abilities to use our technological items due to many reasons. However, we do have some technologies that can help before, through, and after a disaster hits. Especially since our world has been prone to many natural disasters recently, many individuals and companies are working on new innovations that can withstand these disasters and be available to help in the disaster’s aftermath. Innovations in technology have made it easier in the last decade to reduce disaster risks and plan for the future. Technology can be a useful tool before a disaster hits. It can be used to detect a natural disaster. Meteorologists can now be more accurate with predictions of these disasters because they can see them developing before they even happen. They can see the locations in which these storms are impacting, which can give the opportunity to evacuate people in that location if necessary. Often, this can save many lives. In less serious cases, people can at least prepare certain supplies to survive on for a little while in case of minimal damages. Meteorologists and scientists have so many useful technologies to help them determine these storms and help others prepare for them. These individuals are trained and have a lot of experience to see what’s occurring. In the past, when these technologies were not present people were surprised by natural disasters and not able to prepare for them, which resulted in many fatalities. There are many weather websites one could go on and check to see what will be occurring or what is happening. Also, television will also tell an individual what is going to happen. The meteorologist spokesperson...

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