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Topics: Technology, Communication, Hinder Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Many people will have their own opinions based on if the use of technology actually hinders or helps our society’s communication. We live in a technologically advanced world. Meaning that everyone and everything mainly revolves around technology, from the way we communicate, to the way we get around to places and the way we tend to get things done. However, is the technological development in our society hindering our communication or helping us? It is clear and evident how much technology has helped us evolve into new and improved human beings. Without technology where would we be as a society right now? There are many different ways that technology has helped us but I do not personally believe that technology has helped us in the form of communication. The forms of technology used today hinder us from interpersonal communication. As people we depend way too much on text messaging, emails and other sources of technology as a scape goat to having a conversation with someone. If we took a look back to many years back we would see the major difference in the way people communicate and the who they communicate with. Allowing these kids to use technology at such a young age doesn’t allow them to formally think for themselves or learn how to interact with others as well as find out who they really can become as a person in the near future. From personal experiences I can say that having the resources that I do has stopped me multiple times from connecting with other people. With all the Facebook pages, twitter, instagram and texting you honestly do not even need to meet someone in person to find out who they are. All face to face contact now starts to make thing socially awkward especially if you have only been talking to people via messages.

Although I do understand that technology hasn’t only hindered our communication possibilities but in some ways have helped us as well. Many of us have family members across the country, in different states or on opposite sides...
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